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  • Sep212021

    The mortgage, questions and answers

    At today’s growth rates of the prices for habitation for higher parts of Russians the mortgage begins unique way to get habitation. Many consider: it is necessary to fill only the questionnaire of the borrower, documentary to confirm incomes, and then to find suitable habitation and to buy it. However in a reality not all so
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  • Sep022021

    This thesis is confirmed by a circumstance that universities

    Last week the Antimonopoly committee began investigation in relation to the groundless rising in price of basic build materials. In a department sure that a price decline on them will result in reduction of prices of habitation. However, producers talk that their materials occupy an insignificant stake in the cost of square meter,
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  • Aug152021

    Pluses and minuses of purchase of the ready house

    So, you have decided to buy the ready house. “Pluses” at such decision mass – so if you buy a ready country house, you see its such what it is, after all it a secret, that many, starting to build own cottage, as a result receive not such habitation which see in sweet dreams. Besides, purchase of the ready house [&
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  • Jul262021

    Pluses and minuses of building of the house

    «But what for all it is necessary for me, if I can buy a ready cottage?» – you ask. And it is valid, what reasons on which rather well-to-do and rather occupied the town-dweller is started up today in so scale enterprise how independent building of a country house for itself and the family? All of them are reduced to [&hell
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  • Jul062021

    Windows and doors

    Windows and doors simultaneously carry out at once some functions: pass in the house light (windows) or pass there visitors (door); provide heat and sound insulation of premises, protect the house from penetration of strangers, at last, are decorative elements of the house. Windows Depending on a type of a glassing of a window it i
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  • Jun202021

    It would be desirable, that it is better, and that from this left to show all short

    For the end of the period of holidays and the beginning of autumn season has prepared an original gift to the companies – order «About modification and additions in the Instruction about an order of drawing up, delivery, registration and storage of the state certificates on the property right to the parcel, the right of cons
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  • Jun022021

    Swindles of the ground market

    The considerable quantity of ground swindles is annually made. In set of ground swindles which are made in Ukraine, both parties are involved: bypassing the legislation operate both the seller, and the buyer. But besides the aforesaid, there is a number of swindles owing to which, the buyer of the parcel remains without the earth a
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  • May152021

    Consumer building loan of the house

    The consumer building loan of the house protrudes on the security of the real property or the parcel. Recently banks give out credits on the security of the earth that is connected with habitation depreciation. Now the Ukrainian banks offer such conditions of crediting of construction of the house: * the Credit protrudes no more th
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  • Apr252021

    Lot planishing

    Сountry lots functionally share on a front garden, an economic yard side, vacation spot, an orchard and a vegetable garden. The territory organisation begin with a planishing which preliminary carry out on a paper if the house is already constructed it is a starting point on the plan of breakdown of a lot. For this purpose on a dr
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  • Apr072021

    Artificial light

    Electric light is of great importance in design of a dwelling unit. It not only changes a sort of inhabited space, but also visually increases or reduces its sizes, divides a premise into working areas. Except creation of illusions, concealed light is used as a constant element of an interior in the premises demanding of uniform li
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