It would be desirable, that it is better, and that from this left to show all short

It would be desirable, that it is better, and that from this left to show all short
June 20, 2021 Marmelade-GF974

For the end of the period of holidays and the beginning of autumn season has prepared an original gift to the companies – order «About modification and additions in the Instruction about an order of drawing up, delivery, registration and storage of the state certificates on the property right to the parcel, the right of constant using the parcel and contracts of rent of the earth» on September, 1st has come into force.

The essence of changes is reduced to that the enterprises the right of filling of forms of the state certificates to the earth is selected. From the moment of the introduction of the order into force fill forms of state certificates on the earth corresponding divisions of the Center of the state ground cadastre can only.

In the beginning the community was surprised a little, but then surprise began to outgrow in deaf grumble because performance of works and treaty obligations on preparation documentation suddenly became impossible because of, become already habitual, a vis major. Process of delivery of already prepared state certificates instantly has stopped, and to the citizens exhausted with expectation, not clear terminology and ignorance of features of functioning bureaucracy, as well as is found in similar cases, it seemed, that once again them wish to cheat. Feeble attempts of employees private the companies to explain to customers of the reason of a delay of reception of the long-awaited document only added it of confidence that thus again try «to untwist them on the grandma».

Only on September, 4th on pages of site the message of the press-service of department in which by an officialese it was said has been published, that actually innovations are called

To strengthen the supervisory control of a turn of forms of state certificates;

To reduce quantity of errors;

To simplify procedure and to reduce terms of registration, delivery and registration of state certificates.

In the informal comments which have appeared soon after official explanations, officials of different levels asserted, that the new order will lead to real improvement of quality of given services, and the main thing – will promote corruption eradication to sphere.

For some reason does not surprise that fact, that heads private the enterprises adhere to absolutely opposite point of view. Here opinion of the director of one of Mariupol the firms, wished to remain not named (why – about it hardly later): «In Mariupol city department TSGZK 2 persons work. One only procedure of registration of the state certificate occupies from 3 till 5 weeks. Before coming into force of changes of the instruction about an order of filling and state certificate delivery землеустроительными the enterprises of Mariupol monthly prepared and filled about 400 forms of state certificates. At what about 10 employees were involved in process of preparation, filling and delivery of each of them. It is not necessary to be the doctor of mathematics to understand, what is the time it is required for filling, registration and state certificate delivery on the earth if they do it».

New procedure will lead only to a tightening of terms of their delivery and the further growth of disputed potential of everything that is connected with official registration of papers on the parcel, the director of firm is assured.

The colleague from Donetsk area is echoed by the head of the private company from Ternopol where possibilities of the local Center of the state ground cadastre not too strikingly differ from the Mariupol. Besides, mark one more moment. They are confident, that contrary to expectations, innovations not only will not eradicate corruption, but also will lead to its growth.

« becomes a monopolist in sphere of filling and state certificate delivery on the earth. It will not lead to reduction of terms of delivery of documents. It will lead to increase in turns that will promote in turn to corruption growth more likely. Also this monopoly will not eradicate an error in state certificates because it depends not on what establishment fills them, and from qualification of the experts occupied with preparation of documents», – the land surveyor-expert considers.

No doubt, management will manage to find necessary words, to try to convince poorly disassembled in specificity of preparation documents the public that similar opinions is a reaction masked and opponents of movement of the country to democracy. And these words will sound quite convincingly. There is only one проблемка. The resulted opinions are opinions of representatives of private business, and corruption – the phenomenon to impropriety widespread in state institutions. Especially, if this establishment carries out function of a regulator and possesses the right of delivery of licences to realisation of certain sorts of economic activities. And if in the power of this establishment within a minute to deprive of the businessman of this licence. And if and not to deprive of the licence in forces of this state structure to make a life of a private concern intolerable. The blessing an occasion for this purpose to find as easy as shelling pears. Here for this reason my interlocutors also have not wanted, that their names and names of their enterprises have been named in this article. Institutes of a civil society in our country is in a germinal condition, and to hope for the positive decision of court in case of “arrival” of officials, alas, it is not necessary. After all besides traditional for our citizens (including officials) absence of respect for the law, these most unbalanced laws allow to carp though at a tree, though to a column.

Many experts pay attention that filling and state certificate delivery – service paid. Perhaps, the true motive which has induced ground department to enter a new order of filling of the state certificate, the banal desire to earn additionally is, using thus obviously not competitive methods? For the first time such thought has arisen in July of this year when during a meeting of management with journalists the vice-president of committee Galina Jatsishina has openly urged citizens to address only in state the enterprises.

It is not excluded, that initiators of changes really were guided by good intentions. After all that a sin to conceal, the private companies too work not always faultlessly. Come across among them and frank swindlers. And with it it is really necessary to struggle. No less than with incompetence of officials and their desire at any cost to please ruling from above.

Abundantly clear, that change of procedure of filling and delivery of state certificates on the earth demanded certain preparation that territorial partitioning offs TSGZK has not covered excessive for them in volume work and that private the companies could finish already begun works. Precisely also it is obvious, that management should is real to estimate a situation, the possibilities and consequences of the made decision. But whether from regions transferred the information which insistently wished to hear in the centre, whether simply very much it would be desirable to receive all and at once.

As a result diligent businessmen have suffered from unprepared actions and, by invariable our tradition, the end user – usual citizens who should stand in turns, beginning to boil indignation and irritation, simultaneously finding ways «to accelerate process for modest compensation». Whether it became better from this than resoluteness of officials? It still a question. But now it is possible to report safely on the top about the accepted measures and inevitability of a definitive victory over a hydra of red tape and embezzlement of public funds. And people. … and what people? People will suffer. They have got used.