Lot planishing

Lot planishing
April 25, 2021 Marmelade-GF974

Сountry lots functionally share on a front garden, an economic yard side, vacation spot, an orchard and a vegetable garden. The territory organisation begin with a planishing which preliminary carry out on a paper if the house is already constructed it is a starting point on the plan of breakdown of a lot. For this purpose on a drawn to scale configuration of a lot put contours of the house and other constructions, mark places where already there are trees and bushes. On again mastered parcel it is necessary to plan a place of construction of a residential building, first of all.

Residential building of individual using, in a countryside, city and working settlements, on a personal plot have, as a rule, a facade on street, and before it leave a strip of the earth in width from 4 to 8 metres (depending on the lot size) under a front garden. A front garden separate from street a fence or a green hedge. In country co-operative societies a residential building place differently: more close to проезжей to road or on the contrary further in the heart of a lot. The second variant of placing is more preferable at intensive movement of transport on road. Removal of the house from such road allows to lower considerably noise level in it.

The economic yard side on a country lot is intended for placing of subsidiary premises or outdoor constructions – a shed, garage, and on personal plots of countrymen also sheds for the cattle maintenance. It have away from a residential building. To it from gate clear road, for arrival of transport, cattle pasture.

The place is intended for leisure time activities of members of a family in the open air, have near to a residential building, but in to the party from an economic yard side. Here it is possible to arrange an arbour water area, a rock garden, a lawn, to plant decorative trees and bushes. From a gate to an entrance point in a residential building, and as from the house to хоз. A yard side, vacation spot, a garden and a vegetable garden, project a laying of pedestrian paths, whenever possible straight and short.

In sites of a residential building, subsidiary premises, pedestrian paths it is necessary to remove preliminary a fertile layer of earth and to transfer on a lot planned under breakdown of a garden and a vegetable garden.

At garden and vegetable garden designing it is important to consider a lot arrangement in relation to parts of the world and dominating winds. Trees, constructions, bushes should protect a lot from dominating winds, but not to shade it. Fruit-trees and berry bushes it is necessary to have so, that they would not shade garden cultures and a strawberry plantation. Is better to place fertile trees in northern, northwest or northeast part of a lot. Creating plantings with separate placing of cultures, it is necessary to consider their insistence to light, it is necessary, that the height of plants would increase in a direction from the south on the north. On a lot South side it is necessary to take away a place for vegetable cultures and wild strawberry. On northern – for an apple-tree and a pear, and between them to place среднерослые breeds – a cherry, plum, berry bushes.

At placing of fruit-trees, it is necessary to consider, that they would not shade adjoining properties. The distance from trees to lot borders, should be not less than 3 metres. On distance of 1 metre from borders, it is possible to plant a raspberry, a currant, a gooseberry – which can fructify and at some.