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  • May062019

    10 Zece – Documentar

    We live in the era of the informational siege Radio, TV, online, offline, multimedia, indoor, outdoor, mobile data … Radio,…

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  • May052019

    Live Shotgun Shell in flare pistol

    Live Shotgun Shell in flare pistol – What happens? Welcome back Taoflederfolks, Jeff and officer Gregg back out here with…

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  • Mar122019

    The Future of Our Economy is “Shared”

    I’d like to start off by thinking about how the economy was organized in the 18th century when much of…

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  • Mar032019

    Rice Daubney’s Darren Tims discusses implementation of BIM using GRAPHISOFT ArchiCAD

    My name’s Darren Tims, I’m a principal at Rice Daubney. I’m just going to show you a bit of a…

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  • Feb282019

    Sustcon Sustainable Eco-friendly Concrete

    More concrete is used than any other construction material – a total of 1.5 to 3 tons per person, per…

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  • Feb272019

    Rotary Batch Mixers Help Concrete Producer Solve Color Problems

    Bart Sacco, president of Concrete Texturing Tool; Supply in Throop, Pennsylvania, explains how he solved color problems by blending decorative…

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  • Feb112019

    Cast Stone Manufacturing

    It is a fact that many homeowners, given the opportunity, would love to have a home like this, that actually…

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  • Feb062019

    Experience in operating non-autoclave aerated concrete line

    The project is line in workplace Plans placement, line elements Building, workshop Sand supply system, Cement supply system, Post dispensing…

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  • Jan252019

    Power Structures: Connotations of the Facade in State Architecture

    The most exciting thing is engaging with these buildings, monuments in our hometown context and thinking about how they effect…

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  • Jan142019

    Ultra-High Performance Concrete | Sherif El-Tawil

    Regular concrete tends to deteriorate with time. Basically, water goes into the pores of concrete the water expands when it…

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