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  • May282020

    Finding the Ultimate Truth with Cesar Santos

    Hey, guys, welcome to Proko. My name is Stan Prokopenko. I got Cesar Santos here. Thanks for comin’, man. Pleasure,…

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  • May142020

    The Silent Fall of Studio Madhouse | Anime Studio Spotlight

    The greatest misconception people have about anime in the wider community today is the perception of studios as if they’re…

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  • May012020

    Formwork for Simple Slabs – Perimeter

    Welcome back out to the jobsite and what I wanted to do today was go through or start a series…

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  • Apr202020

    Precast Prestressed Concrete

    (Dr. Wafeek Wahby). Talk about money and jobs. (Ms. Marty McIntyre). Okay. (Dr. Wahby). In a normal economic situation, not…

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  • May212019

    Rubberized Asphalt

    In Arizona, the use of asphalt rubber has resulted in longer life pavements with reduced cracking, better rideability and reduced…

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  • May212019

    jaw crusher for rock, concrete, mining, demolition

    This is one of our 10 x 16 jaw crushers, it’s run from a 20 horse electric motor, and we…

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  • May062019

    10 Zece – Documentar

    We live in the era of the informational siege Radio, TV, online, offline, multimedia, indoor, outdoor, mobile data … Radio,…

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  • May052019

    Live Shotgun Shell in flare pistol

    Live Shotgun Shell in flare pistol – What happens? Welcome back Taoflederfolks, Jeff and officer Gregg back out here with…

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  • Mar122019

    The Future of Our Economy is “Shared”

    I’d like to start off by thinking about how the economy was organized in the 18th century when much of…

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  • Mar032019

    Rice Daubney’s Darren Tims discusses implementation of BIM using GRAPHISOFT ArchiCAD

    My name’s Darren Tims, I’m a principal at Rice Daubney. I’m just going to show you a bit of a…

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