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  • Jul032020

    A trip down memory lane

    In 1971 the Green Man Lane estate was one of the newest and largest housing estates in Ealing, but by 2010 it had become a harsh concrete jungle, attracting gangs and anti-social behaviour and leaving many of its residents unsettled. Now this grey jungle is growing some new green roots, explains Mash Halai, head of regeneration and
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  • Jun122020

    Why the future is greener

    Individual grasses in mixtures have a vital role to play in developing and maintaining a healthy landscape, whilst floral displays are vital for allowing the creation of mini-eco systems to encourage natural biodiversity within busy city and town environments. Landscaping that features around buildings can be greener than ever befo
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  • May282020

    Finding the Ultimate Truth with Cesar Santos

    Hey, guys, welcome to Proko. My name is Stan Prokopenko. I got Cesar Santos here. Thanks for comin’, man. Pleasure, man. Happy to talk art with you, man. So yesterday we went to a museum and we’ve talked about the art there. And I noticed how different we approach art. So you like… Thankfully. Right, that’s
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  • May142020

    The Silent Fall of Studio Madhouse | Anime Studio Spotlight

    The greatest misconception people have about anime in the wider community today is the perception of studios as if they’re consistent beings As if production staff all exist within the pool that we call A-1 Pictures, Brain’s Base, or PA Works However, not only are most productions run by freelancers, who come and go dep
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  • May012020

    Formwork for Simple Slabs – Perimeter

    Welcome back out to the jobsite and what I wanted to do today was go through or start a series of videos. Three I think will end up being on. The materials we need to pour this concrete footpath, so I’m going to break it up into three videos. One will be perimeter for our formwork Second one will be […]
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  • Apr202020

    Precast Prestressed Concrete

    (Dr. Wafeek Wahby). Talk about money and jobs. (Ms. Marty McIntyre). Okay. (Dr. Wahby). In a normal economic situation, not now, normal situation. What is average salary, what are the jobs, what would our graduates do? Would be working in concreting, or managers, or what? (Ms. McIntyre). Yeah, we have, our industry does a few thing
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  • May212019

    Rubberized Asphalt

    In Arizona, the use of asphalt rubber has resulted in longer life pavements with reduced cracking, better rideability and reduced noise. And a lot of other states and municipalities have followed suit based on the example of Arizona. When you go get new tires, you pay a recycling fee and those tires are recycled. A tire gets taken
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  • May212019

    jaw crusher for rock, concrete, mining, demolition

    This is one of our 10 x 16 jaw crushers, it’s run from a 20 horse electric motor, and we power it with a 30 kilowatt generator. Here are the jaw plates, high manganese steel, so they work harden over time. We put hopper on top, because most of the rocks we’re crushing tend to pop out. This unit weighs […]
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  • May062019

    10 Zece – Documentar

    We live in the era of the informational siege Radio, TV, online, offline, multimedia, indoor, outdoor, mobile data … Radio, TV, online, offline, multimedia, indoor, outdoor, mobile data … Radio, TV, online, offline, multimedia, indoor, outdoor, mobile data … We are mailbombed with information and the foreground an
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  • May052019

    Live Shotgun Shell in flare pistol

    Live Shotgun Shell in flare pistol – What happens? Welcome back Taoflederfolks, Jeff and officer Gregg back out here with you on a ridiculously windy day. I’m covered in flour from an earlier shoot. This is not cocaine. I promise you okay today. We’re bringing you the Orion flare gun you’ve seen these before
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