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  • Mar122019

    The Future of Our Economy is “Shared”

    I’d like to start off by thinking about how the economy was organized in the 18th century when much of the economic textbooks were written. Most of the economic activity in the economy was through the one person shop. It was a market economy where individuals interacted with other individuals. Over the course of the 20th cent
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  • Mar032019

    Rice Daubney’s Darren Tims discusses implementation of BIM using GRAPHISOFT ArchiCAD

    My name’s Darren Tims, I’m a principal at Rice Daubney. I’m just going to show you a bit of a snapshot of some of the work we’ve been doing over the last number of years, particularly in relation to the way that we use technology in our practice and BIM. So what I’m going to cover is who we are […]
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  • Feb282019

    Sustcon Sustainable Eco-friendly Concrete

    More concrete is used than any other construction material – a total of 1.5 to 3 tons per person, per year in the industrialized countries. The environmental impact of producing all this concrete is enormous: five hundred billion tons of CO2. That’s twice as much as all the airlines in the world. Nearly 10% of the world
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  • Feb272019

    Rotary Batch Mixers Help Concrete Producer Solve Color Problems

    Bart Sacco, president of Concrete Texturing Tool; Supply in Throop, Pennsylvania, explains how he solved color problems by blending decorative concrete products in-house using a Rotary Batch Mixer from Munson Machinery. When our previous suppliers of our decorative concrete materials changed their product formulas, we started recei
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  • Feb112019

    Cast Stone Manufacturing

    It is a fact that many homeowners, given the opportunity, would love to have a home like this, that actually resembles a mansion built in Europe hundreds of years ago, out of stone. And as you know, most of those homes are still standing today, which means this home should be around for quite a while. This home, by the […]
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  • Feb062019

    Experience in operating non-autoclave aerated concrete line

    The project is line in workplace Plans placement, line elements Building, workshop Sand supply system, Cement supply system, Post dispensing of components Post mixing and pouring the mixture. The mixing unit Mold for pouring array General view of the line Cameras preliminary and main warming. We purchased the production line on Dec
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  • Jan252019

    Power Structures: Connotations of the Facade in State Architecture

    The most exciting thing is engaging with these buildings, monuments in our hometown context and thinking about how they effect people politically. – The name of our project is Power Structures: The Connotation of the Facade in State Architecture. – Being in a PhD program, you’re very focused towards producing a pi
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  • Jan142019

    Ultra-High Performance Concrete | Sherif El-Tawil

    Regular concrete tends to deteriorate with time. Basically, water goes into the pores of concrete the water expands when it freezes and it breaks the concrete apart. Over time this becomes a very expensive problem to fix. Ultra-High Performance Concrete is a new class of concrete that has super performance. It has very high strengt
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  • Jan022019

    SawJet Robots for the Stone Cutting Industry

    SawJet Robots for the Stone Cutting Industry | Productivity and Safety Things have changed quite a bit over over the years. When I first started the only tools that I had were a table saw, a router and a random orbit sander, and a couple of sawhorses in the garage. We could fabricate Corian countertops. It’s been quite the pr
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  • Jan022018

    The Presidential Investiture of Tonjua Williams

    The Presidential Investiture of Tonjua Williams, Ph.D. Dr. Terry: Good morning ladies and gentlemen. Audience: Good morning. Dr. Terry: Please remain standing for our invocation and for the singing of our national anthem. The invocation will be delivered by, Reverend Lewis M Murphy Sr., Senior Pastor of Mount Zion progressive Missi
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