Consumer building loan of the house

Consumer building loan of the house
May 15, 2021 Marmelade-GF974

The consumer building loan of the house protrudes on the security of the real property or the parcel. Recently banks give out credits on the security of the earth that is connected with habitation depreciation.
Now the Ukrainian banks offer such conditions of crediting of construction of the house:
* the Credit protrudes no more than for 10 years
* the Rate per hundred – 14-17 % in dollars, 20-22 % in grivnas
* the Minimum initial payment – 20-30 %.
* the Income on each member of a family, without the monthly sum of payment of the credit, should make not less than 3 living wages
* the Commission for opening of the credit account makes 0,99-3 %
* If the bank it is not excluded will be engaged in an estimation of mortgaging property, that you should pay for it separately – to 3 % from the credit sum. But some banks render this service free of charge.
* Estimated cost of the pawned real property or the earth should exceed the credit sum at least on 30 %.
The package of documents necessary for registration of the credit for investment in building of habitation:
* the Passport (a copy of the pages containing last photo; a surname and a name; the information on date of delivery and the body which has given out the passport; the information on a residence permit)
* the Copy of the inquiry on assignment of identification number
* the Reference with instructions of the post, the added and actually received income for last 6 months (with monthly breakdown) and a mark «delays in payment of wages for last 6 months are absent»
* the Documents confirming other incomes of the borrower (in the presence of the income not on the basic place of work), including. The declaration on incomes for last accounting date, assured by tax inspection
* notarially certified consent of a member of a family of the borrower (the husband or the wife) on reception of the credit or personal presence during a filing of application in bank
* notarially certified consent to transfer to pledge of property rights to real estate from members of a family, or their personal presence during the contract conclusion
* the Document confirming the property right of the borrower on the real property or the earth, left as a deposit
Such package of documents is a program-minimum for credit reception. Frequently banks try to study more deeply gravity of intentions of the borrower and its credit status. Besides the “unattractive” data specified in documents, dark last, and bad impression of dialogue with the borrower, at bank can be and such reasons for refusal:
* If you plan to leave as a deposit a dwelling unit or the house in which minor children are registered, pensioners or invalids, hardly will agree to consider this real property as pledge: not protected levels of population use special privileges in our state, therefore the borrower can seize property under the law. A variant with minor children, the truth, bank can consider, but it will be necessary to give the corresponding decision of tutorial council.
* the age can become the Obstacle for credit reception. Clients is more senior 45-50 years reluctantly finance for long terms. And the sums it give out smaller, than to borrowers is younger. In any case the bank will demand the guarantor with all necessary inquiries – about incomes etc.
* the Question of privatisation of an allotment on which you plan to construct the future house. First of all, it is necessary to have the certificate on the property right to the parcel, the cadastral plan of this lot and an extract from the uniform state register. In some banks to the client allow to make all necessary papers on the earth during half a year after the transaction, that is grant a delay. However in most cases such documents at you will demand already in a ready sort. The cadastral plan of a lot contains such information: general data on the parcel, the drawing of borders of a lot, the description of borders of a lot, data on lot parts, the description of rotary points of borders of a lot. The previous proprietor of a lot should give this document to you at earth sale. About assignment of cadastral number to the parcel you can receive an extract in the Center of the state ground cadastre.
Thus, for reception of the credit you should represent the well-founded, representative person with high “white” incomes, have in the property other real property and the parcel, not to have problems with the legislation and sad credit histories in the past (last two points are easily checked by bank security service).
But even if you represent the ideal borrower in the opinion of bank, is far not the fact, that with credit reception it is possible to consider a question solved. In the conditions of hypothecary crisis banks very reluctantly give out the long-term credits especially connected with the real property. If you do not feel in yourselves forces to convince captious bankers, can entrust this business to the professional.
The credit broker: panacea?
The trade of the credit broker has appeared more recently, but it yet the occasion to treat its representatives with distrust. It will not entail any financial risks, at a stage of preliminary consultation the client does not connect itself any obligations.
Advantages of attraction of the credit broker in credit reception:
* you should not ring round banks to learn conditions of crediting and to waste time on a choice of the best offer. You leave the demand at the broker in which specify the data about incomes, structure of a family and desirable conditions of crediting and he will study the market and will pick up to you the most suitable variant.
* the Credit broker will in detail explain, what documents are necessary for collecting and in what instances it can be made.
* If you have no experience of dialogue with bank employees for credit reception, the expert will explain to you, what to use arguments at conversation if in it there will be a necessity.
* At the credit broker much more chances to convince bank employees to give out to you the credit. Here play a role not only communications, but also experience.
* the Broker can manage to get in bank the discount on the commission or a rate per hundred which not only will pay back expenses on the broker, but also will provide notable economy. Besides, banks often unreasonably reduce the sum of the demanded credit on 10 – 15 %. It is connected with check of the potential client on solvency. If for you in this situation the broker banks seldom toughen conditions strives. After all the broker results many clients, therefore and the relation to it loyal.
* Frequently advertising of banking services not completely reflects crediting conditions. Among reefs – additional percent for accompanying services of bank (for example, consultations of the lawyer, or obligatory paid attraction of the banking appraiser)
* Dialogue with the broker is psychologically easier, than with employees of ten banks whom you will bypass in attempts to agree
Lacks of cooperation with the credit broker:
* Additional expenses. Such intermediary in attraction of proceeds of credit to you will manage in 0,2-0,5 % from the credit sum. Besides, you should pay consideration of demands for credit delivery in all banks in which the broker has handed in the statement on credit reception.
* to Find the credit broker who would be the good expert, rather difficult. Now 1 % of borrowers resorts to their services only. The lack and absence of a qualitative competition of this trade negatively affects professionalism of brokers.
* Many brokers defend interests of concrete banks. A lack that the broker will sweep aside favourable offers of banks-competitors. But at the same time, good relations of the broker with bank-partner not only will increase probability of reception of the credit, but also will provide liberalisation of conditions.
If you have decided to address to the intermediary in credit attraction, remember: conventional attitudes of the client are fastened to the broker by the contract; conditions can be various, but it is important, that commission fee were paid to the broker already after the credit for the sum specified in the contract will be approved by bank. These measures will allow you to avoid swindlers, which in such fertile market great variety. But even if you do not dare at cooperation, the usual conversation will allow to estimate adequately prospects of reception of the credit and to make representation about planished expenses. In any case, to a question of reception of the credit it is necessary to approach thoroughly: that both not to overpay, and not to remain «with a nose».