Windows and doors

Windows and doors
July 6, 2021 Marmelade-GF974

Windows and doors simultaneously carry out at once some functions: pass in the house light (windows) or pass there visitors (door); provide heat and sound insulation of premises, protect the house from penetration of strangers, at last, are decorative elements of the house.


Depending on a type of a glassing of a window it is possible to build following logically consecutive number:

One glass—two glasses—double pane unit—double pane unit + the third glass.

Dependence is extremely simple: the more layers of glasses in a window, the better it warmly and sound insulating properties, but the worse thus it passes light and that will more expensively manage.

For a climate of an average strip of Russia for a premise thermal protection quite there will be enough a vacuum double pane unit. The third glass, serves for sound insulation, but whether it is necessary to build a country house in such place where the maximum sound insulation is necessary? Plus to it the third glass reduces light exposure almost on 20 %. For summer and not отаплеваемых premises windows with one glass as they pass light most and thus very cheaply quite will approach. In each room, at least, one window necessarily should have a window leaf or to be provided by system of slot-hole fanning.

Window sashes and boxes are made of a tree, plastic (PVC), aluminium and plastic with aluminium inserts. Aluminium frames in premises are not used almost, as at them too high heat conductivity. Frames from plastic differ insufficient rigidness, in due course they can be deformed, and consequently them also to use it is not recommended. As a result it is necessary to make a choice between wooden frames and plastic frames on a metal basis.

Life cycle of correctly fixed wooden windows makes from 50 (pine) to 100 (a larch, an oak) years. These windows demand a careful waterproof finish both in the course of installation and in leaving to—colouring, at least, once in 10 years. The most inexpensive wooden windows double-glazed, at least, are twice more low-cost plastic, but thus they possess the least properties. However, now it is possible to find and wooden windows of rather high quality—of lumber of the valuable breeds, equipped with a vacuum double pane unit and with good consolidation of shutters. Such windows practically in what do not concede to plastic analogues, the truth, are a little bit more expensive than them.


In the house each owner selects doors at own discretion and to possibilities. And still thus it is necessary to take into consideration the existing standard rules. The width of an outer door should make not мене 1 m, interroom doors of—0,8 m, doors of bathrooms of—0,6 m. the Height of doors should make 2—2,3 m. Outer doors—panel board of a solid file of a tree or steel, them, especially metal, is better to warm.

The prices for doors make: from 5 c.u. for м2 hollow, арголит on a wooden frame, from 20 у.е.—panel board solid, from 30 у.е.—simple steel and from 100 c.u.—decorative and warmed steel shutters to order.

Installation of windows and doors demands observance of following rules: door and window cases it is necessary to establish on level and a boning rod, without warps. Boxes in apertures of stone walls are necessary for strengthening ruffs to a laying or nails to wooden loose leaves (stoppers); in wooden stud walls of a box fasten to racks and studs of a framing nails. Everyone vertical should become stronger, at least, in two places. In parting walls from box slabs become stronger with the help which are closed up in seams.