Pluses and minuses of building of the house

Pluses and minuses of building of the house
July 26, 2021 Marmelade-GF974

«But what for all it is necessary for me, if I can buy a ready cottage?» – you ask. And it is valid, what reasons on which rather well-to-do and rather occupied the town-dweller is started up today in so scale enterprise how independent building of a country house for itself and the family? All of them are reduced to the following. First, it is the so-called factor of individuality in all its displays: architectonic-aesthetic – «That my house was to any is not similar!», is whimsical-pragmatical – «I Want water area in the form of lake Baikal, a helicopter platform on a roof and that it was possible to heat indoors to 30 degrees!» – and so on in the same spirit.

Secondly, at any moment of building it is possible to check up conformity of construction of the prepared engineering specifications, while having bought the ready house – only conformity of external refinishing. Participating in house building, you will have full idea that disappears inside. After all at purchase it is impossible to check up quality and quantity of the used building materials, the base, the laid communications (diameter, correctness and distributing of pipes), waterproof finish, an electrical wiring and so on.

Thirdly, if to be engaged in building most such variant leaves purchase of a country cottage (see above) more low-cost. But be ready, as time will spend much more, after all you should co-ordinate all process personally: from search of building materials and pouring of the base to a choice of colour of wall-paper in a bedroom. The you will be ready to incur a smaller part of essential building questions, the more you should pay. So find that variant which suits you. Also be going to wait: soon the fairy tale affects, yes at a distant day the house is under construction. Even at the accelerated tempo of building you can be installed in own country cottage not earlier, than in half a year.

One more “plus” – at house building it is possible to check up technology observance while at purchase ready, especially if it built on sale, nobody is insured that in haste of a wall have not made is more thin, than it is necessary, and pipes have not put worse, is more thin and is not too deep. Such latent defects and unconscientiousness of builders will for certain be shown during the most improper time and at the best will come to the end with a general overhaul, and even a full reorganisation of the house. Thus consider one component part: that the house has staid long, it is necessary to consult to the good expert at all stages of building. Only so you will be insured from annoying cracks on a facade.

And the most important thing – daring to spend building is independent, you charge all responsibility for operation of the house to that firm which to you this house builds, and buying the ready house, remain with all possible problems alone – practically any seller does not give a warranty on operation! A side benefit – charging building to known firm, it is possible not to doubt, that on your house the design documentation while ready houses in 90 % of cases of such documentation have no will be prepared.

But the decision to construct the house independently has one considerable enough “minus” is very labour-consuming variant stretched in time, therefore approaches for at whom free time mass, strong nervous system and, as they say, hands before business are scratched. If it not your case – that is better not to suffer and buy the ready.

In whole, concerning “minuses” of opinion of experts are uniform: the long period of building – from 1,5 till 3 years (see above), red tape, and also high expenses on the object maintenance while in service. Besides, the lot can be located in such a manner that – shops, schools, medical institutions, good roads – it is not necessary to dream of any infrastructure even in the long-term future. And engineering networks of nearby settlement can stay in a pitiable condition.

One more pressing question – safety of the house. If the social environment is non-uniform, this problem can become the basic, additional expenses for protection of your private residence be required. Besides, there is one more negative moment practically everywhere pursuing the individual builder, is a process of building, namely a problem with contract organisations and brigades. Far financial abusings, substitution of materials, non-observance of technologies, so, deterioration of civil work are not rare. Therefore we advise to you to go on a building ground «as for work» and to observe of building – you, certainly, can entirely trust builders and the head foreman, but, as they say in a well-known proverb: «Trust, but check».

For those wishing to live in own country cottage which do not seduce neither building variants, nor house purchases (it is difficult, and in general is expensive!) it is necessary – to “suppress” one more variant the dream and to remain in a stuffy megacity. But we sincerely hope, that the given publication has convinced you: it – not your case.