Pluses and minuses of purchase of the ready house

Pluses and minuses of purchase of the ready house
August 15, 2021 Marmelade-GF974

So, you have decided to buy the ready house. “Pluses” at such decision mass – so if you buy a ready country house, you see its such what it is, after all it a secret, that many, starting to build own cottage, as a result receive not such habitation which see in sweet dreams. Besides, purchase of the ready house much more simplifies a problem and relieves you of mass of problems. Certainly, you do not take pleasure in process of erection of own habitation but if the object is handed over under “fine finish”, it gives some possibility to show the creative initiative in design refinishing.

One more advantage of the ready house is an infrastructure. The majority of the cottages exposed on sale, are in purpose-built settlements, and it means, that with all communications of tenants the firm-builder has already provided. Besides, in such settlements the neighbours corresponding to your status will be – to build a cottage in Konche-Zaspe the average Ukrainian not undertakes.

Side benefit of purchase of ready habitation – choice presence. Some years builders complain, that under large cities, especially in the prestigious directions, all delicious lots are occupied. So if you wish to live in the arranged well cottage near to a city and in good a direction for you purchase can appear a unique variant.

Also doubtless “plus” – economy of time. If you get a ready country house, you should not wait, while will be collected all papers and building will end – have found a suitable variant, have issued the transaction, were installed and live. But here there is a danger of purchase «a cat in a bag». Therefore, if all of you stop on this variant, it is necessary to be in earnest about a house choice very much, the main thing, it is how much qualitative it it is worked.

And lacks of such variant – continuation of advantages. Any things to you all the same should be altered, after all as practice shows, completely to foresee your desires to the previous owner of the house practically never it is possible. Therefore you should take advantage of services of the architect and the designer, and these are additional expenses.

Also at purchase of the ready house it is necessary to consider that, the structure “on a turn-key basis” could be on sale owing to the different reasons for years and for this time to lose “freshness” both in refinishing, and in a condition of load-carrying structures, pipes and conductings. Certainly, on reduction of all of it in an order additional expenses be required.

If the house is constructed recently the risk all the same remains. The matter is that at purchase of the constructed cottage the visual examination of designs is possible only, and their quality can be estimated only while in service. Really, at a sight happens difficult to define, builders have how much honesty worked, how much qualitative materials were applied to habitation erection. «Has bought, has driven and you live without cares» – on it counts the majority of the consumers getting the house, however in practice of their dream almost never come true. The house “on a turn-key basis” in cost $500 000 do not guarantee an easy life. So, already in the first winter the electricity, and after it and the gas natural gas boiler is suddenly disconnected. «Night of nightmares» – at candles, in dark settlement, at temperature «behind a board» a minus 30 – will be remembered for all life.

One more not palatable variant – from the house the area more than thousand “foursquares” owners ran in the middle of winter: from a cold did not rescue even two powerful heating boilers. The invited experts have found out, that at building the “small” error has been admitted: at roof packing have put not that party a material. As a result the heater has wetted through and has become unfit for use, rafters have decayed, there was a fungus. Now it is necessary for owners to overlap a copper roof anew. The question price – $300 000.

It not the scenario of a film of horrors, and typical histories of the people who have bought ready cottages. And before illness which is called «bad quality of building», all appear are equal – both fashionable private residences, and rather low-cost. Buyers with the experience perceive a problem already philosophically: “House” on a turn-key basis »should be lead up to mind still couple of years, and it is normal». But why cottages under construction today demand long and expensive engineering following up?

The matter is that quality never was strong line of domestic builders. Recently the problem has played new paints. «Yes, quality of building the low. And what you want, if there are no professionals? – Builders are frank. Low professionalism and non-observance of technologies are often accompanied by ordinary larceny of head foremen and builders.”Save”on a quality class, a heater, a brick and on all the rest – after all in already constructed object to check up and count up, how many it has been spent this or that material, very much and very difficult. Builders – on materials, a labour, terms, thus showing off a beautiful facade”save”also.

The most sad, that the buyer frequently gets object about which knows very little. Experts speak: real quality of a ready cottage to define improbably difficultly. What were used materials? Whether technologies were observed? Whether distributing of communications was qualitatively spent? All can be checked up, only while the house is under construction. But after it is constructed, and walls are plastered, to learn it very difficultly – will not open a wall.