This thesis is confirmed by a circumstance that universities

This thesis is confirmed by a circumstance that universities
September 2, 2021 Marmelade-GF974

Last week the Antimonopoly committee began investigation in relation to the groundless rising in price of basic build materials. In a department sure that a price decline on them will result in reduction of prices of habitation.

However, producers talk that their materials occupy an insignificant stake in the cost of square meter, therefore checking organs will have to search guilty in other sphere.

The high cost of habitation keeps on trot AMKU already the not first years. In press-service of department “DS” reported that as a result of verifications of markets of building and earth no monopolistic conspiracies it is not found out. In this connection decided to take interest the cost of basic on Ukrainian buildings materials (sand, macadam, concrete, build armature, cement and brick).

It is possible to consider recommendations a company «Arselor Mittal Crooked рог to reduce rates to the economic grounded level the preliminary result of investigation. «Our specialists found out that their competitors had decreased a cost on 20%, while combine them did not change, – tell in AMKU. – Difference in prices in separate regions was $400 on a ton (in this saw a too high norm arrived. – «DS»)».

And add that the representatives of company already promised to execute their recommendations. There are claims at a committee and to the large producers of cement, profitability of which arrives at 60%. In respect of sand, then his cost in the Kievan region in 2007-2008 grew in once or twice.

On other markets of «DS» of taking did not give, marking only, that now on these groups of build materials investigation is conducted. «To date 12 is led put on the different producers of building materials which renounced to give us information», – report in AMKU.

The polled «DS» producers assert that they and without that already began to reduce prices, that is related to falling of volumes of sales. According to the director of firm «Yuvin», getting busy trading in a macadam and sand, Alex Moshkina, to date the largest company, engaged in a sandwash, is «Rechport».

«Sand indeed strongly rose in price for the last year: if at the end of 2007 a ton costed 16-20 Uah, then now are 40-45 Uah.», – Mr. Moshkin talks. He marks thus, that prices do not fall while, in spite of decline of volumes of sales present in autumn on 20-30% as compared to an analogical period 2007

«This year was quite good for a producer, as monthly realization increased on 10%, and in summer there was a deficit of sand», – tell in «Yuvine». In unofficial conversations in other companies add that workings at the Ukrainian market producers, engaged in an illegal sandwash, also take it easy to reduce a price. Other situation with a macadam.

On information of Alex Moshkina, during a year this build material rose in price insignificantly – on 5-7% is to 120 Uah./т, that is related to the price increase on railway transportations. Thus in our country while there is not the brightly expressed leader in this business.

Last years the producers of cement caused permanent censures from the side of person buildings, as his cost grew practically monthly. Leader of one of cement factories in an informal talk with «DS» supposed that the indicated AMKU profitability in 60% can have enterprises, workings on technology of dry production of cement (included in composition. – «DS»), as expense part below for them.

«It is their competitive edge», – the interlocutor of «DS» underlined. And added that now popular in building brand 400 and so became cheaper on 20-30% as compared to a present summer is to 600 Uah./т.

«We are forced to go on this step in connection with falling of volumes of realization on 20% in the second halves of year», – an expert talks. According to his opinion, in 2008 the volume of domestic market at the total production capacities of cement enterprises in 16 million т will go out only on a last year’s mark – 14 million т.

Specialists consider that verification of producers of macadam, sand and cement will allow the employees of department to cast light in the domestic market of concrete. According to the leader of logistic center PPK «Budivel’nik», concrete Oleg Mikitenko engaged in a production, in connection with the increase of prime price of price on a concrete indeed grew present in summer. «However in autumn they returned on the January indexes – 550 Uah for a cube», – Mr. Mikitenko marks.

In Ukraine there is not the brightly expressed leader in the production of the most claimed ordinary brick, which is produced on more than 50 enterprises countries part of which work seasonally. There is «Victory» on information of chapter of observant advice of brickwork, located in the Kievan area, Andrey Prokhorovskogo, the cost of this build material was increased with 1,2 Uah./шт. there is to 1,4 Uah in January. in April.

«Many producers promoted rates before the beginning of new season», – Mr. Prokhorovskiy tells. But when manufacturers understood that builders would not buy too much, prices began to fall. In June a brick was for sale on the January prices, and from October some enterprises began to «go» down yet below.

According to the president of the Ukrainian association Andrey Fedoseeva, the cost of a build armature goes down, since a present summer. «If in hot months it made 7,3 thousands of Uah, then now producers of this products – «Mittal Stil» and «Metivest» – retain prices at the level of 4,95 thousand of Uah for a ton», – he talks. And forecasts, that by year’s end an armature will cost yet less than. It is related to appearance at our market of the Chinese, Turkish and Russian metal, and also observed falling of sales. To «stop the production of metal is dear pleasure, therefore his manufacturers will to the last aim to find a buyer on the products», – Mr. Fedoseev considers.

However, experts meet in opinion, that even if a price on build materials will continue to go down, it scarcely will result in reduction of prices of habitation, in fact on them in the cost of square is 30%.