Dollar credits will translate in grivnas at the rate

Dollar credits will translate in grivnas at the rate
December 15, 2021 Marmelade-GF974

The cabinet suggests parliament to allow to borrowers to repay currency credits in grivnas at the rate at the moment of credit delivery, writes Kommersant-Ukraina.

Course losses can carry banks on total expenses. The part of tax loading will be re-layed on clients, but as a whole it it will be more favourable, than repayment at a present course. However, for realisation of this initiative banks can not have enough capital, experts mark.

The government has submitted to the Supreme Rada the bill №3517 About modification of the law On the taxation of profit of the enterprises, called to minimise credit risks of banks and borrowers in the conditions of vacillating of the rate of exchange. The ministry is intended to raise the size of insurance reserves which can be carried on total expenses, from 10 % to 100 % for the period till January, 1st, 2010 and to 80 % – after.

In the bill it is offered to allow to carry losses of bank-resident which were generated on total expenses because it was allowed to borrower to repay the currency credit in grivnas. The course should be co-ordinated the parties and cannot be below official at the moment of the credit agreement conclusion.

The size standard will operate for the accounting period from October, 1st of 2008 on April, 1st, 2009. Losses can be enlisted on total expenses of the creditor under condition of their use for indemnification of cost of acquisition of currency in the accounting period. In turn, borrowers incur tax obligations: physical persons should pay 15 % of the tax from the income received from a course difference, the legal person – 25 %. Of Ministry are assured, that acceptance of this bill makes active operations in the financial market and will in regular intervals distribute tax loading.

Bankers consider, that such scheme can be favourable to borrowers.

The little Earlier national bank has promulgated the decision №406 from December, 1st About the statement of changes in position About an order of formation and use of a reserve for compensation of possible losses on credit operations of banks.