Show success for Spirotech

Show success for Spirotech
February 8, 2021 Marmelade-GF974

Spirotech stormed this year’s Ecobuild exhibition, with the launch of the SpiroTrap MB3. Breaking new ground in the domestic heating dirt separation sector, Spirotech chose the Ecobuild exhibition to showcase the powerful, new generation dirt separator and visitors to the Spirotech stand were able to see the SpiroTrap MB3’s high performance benefits for themselves. With over 100 visitors each day making their way to the Spirotech stand, it was a great chance to show what Spirotech has to offer.

The latest addition to Spirotech’s winning portfolio, the SpiroTrap MB3 features the very latest patent pending, intelligent magnetic field booster technology- pioneered over several years by the company’s international R&D facility.

Raising the bar in dirt separation in domestic heating systems, the powerful new SpiroTrap MB3 was unveiled to Ecobuild visitors, a product that offers both strength and flexibility. Set to succeed the acclaimed SpiroTrap MB2, which has sold more than 300,000 units since its launch less than 2 years ago.

Spirotech’s new-generation solution to dirt separation is of high quality brass construction and offers optimum filtration and easy draining with no mess. The SpiroTrap MB3 features all the proven operational benefits of its predecessor, such as the unique Spirotube feature for non magnetic dirt separation, the easy to drain valve, its extremely easy to mount swivel action and 20 years’ SpiroLife guarantee.

The SpiroTrap MB3 offers even greater capacity and its notable new feature is its high powered external magnet ,which benefits from Spirotech’s new patent pending technology breakthrough, that will set it apart from current marketplace offerings.

By simply sliding down and removing the SpiroTrap MB3’s external magnetic jacket before draining, the magnetic debris is simply flushed away with all the non magnetic particles in one swift action – job done!

By also reducing wear and tear on system parts, the SpiroTrap MB3 helps to protect and prolong the life of components such as the boiler and radiators, making it a truly cost effective and eco friendly option.

Spirotech’s SpiroTrap MB3, is a fit and forget solution, helping to maintain system efficiency whilst reducing costly call-outs. The high performance dirt separator also protects and prolongs the life of system components , cutting life cycle costs by helping to eliminate the many problems caused by dirt.

Commenting on the unveiling of the SpiroTrap MB3, Spirotech UK’s Domestic National Sales Manager, Suzanne Day said: “Spirotech’s presence at this year’s Ecobuild exhibition has been very successful with the launch of the exciting new addition to our growing system protection portfolio, the SpiroTrap MB3. Once again we have proved how we at Spirotech know the system water filtration field inside out. Ecobuild is an excellent opportunity to showcase what Spirotech has to offer and to take on board the feedback of our customers & experienced heating engineers operating out in the field.

“By applying our company’s technological expertise we have produced a new generation, advanced technology solution which fuses high performance, unrivalled ease of installation, reliability and exceptional non magnetic and magnetic filtration.”

Working alongside the new SpiroTrap MB3, Spirotech also has a wide ranging portfolio system protection products including the recently introduced SpiroPlus chemicals range and the Spirotech Flush Connector.

Also on show at this year’s Ecobuild was the new SpiroPlus range of chemicals from Spirotech, made in view of recent changes to the Building Regulations Part L Compliance Guide – which states that systems must be cleaned and protected to prevent the onset of corrosion – and the vital importance of ensuring optimum wet system performance. The chemicals also work seamlessly with Spirotech’s dirt separators.

The six-strong SpiroPlus range includes leak sealer, dirt dissolvers, descaler anti-freeze and the ‘Build Cert’ accredited corrosion protector, running in conjunction with BS:7593 chemical flushing proceedures.

The entire SpiroPlus range is also non-hazardous, environmentally friendly and easy to use. Additionally, the range is compatible with all types of boiler and all metals and plastics used in heating systems.

Also adding to this year’s Ecobuild Exhibition was the Spirotech Flush Connector, launched just a few months ago & yet another invaluable product from Spirotech. It utilises the unique twist- release mechanism that was pioneered in the SpiroTrap MB2 (and is also featured in the new SpiroTrap MB3 design), helping installers and heating engineers make light work of power flushing any system.

With no need to dismount the pump or fix connections to radiators or other systems, the SpiroTech flush connector can simply be connected to the SpiroTrap MB3 or MB2 and is compatible with all good powerflush units. It is also perfect for use with SpiroPlus cleaning and protection chemicals range.

Made from robust brass, the Spirotech Flush Connector is yet another high quality and resilient product, that will stand the test of time. So much so that SpiroTech offers the twenty year SpiroLife guarantee with every purchase, ensuring that the robust Flush Connector offers long- lasting performance- guaranteed.

Spirotech also showcased the latest products and services from Spirotech’s commercial portfolio at this year’s EcoBuild.