The Russian Federation: the credit can be restructured, but losses not to avoid

The Russian Federation: the credit can be restructured, but losses not to avoid
November 27, 2021 Marmelade-GF974

To receive instalments under the mortgage, the borrower should use at first all grists and leave “superfluous” property
At each family today – the anti-recessionary program and the problems. Over many real threat to lose habitation has hung – if it is bought on credit and put in pawn to bank.
But to such borrowers who have become by debtors necessarily because of crisis, the state is ready to help. However, on defined, there are enough severe constraints. Which – to readers “Р” were explained on “a hot line” by Andrey Jazykov, the general director of Agency on re-structuring of hypothecary housing credits .
The Russian newspaper: How many borrowers to you have already addressed?
Andrey Jazykov: On the beginning of March was more than 1,5 thousand references. However, many, having learnt, that the state support is not a gift, that it, as a matter of fact, represents the additional credit for which in a year it is necessary to pay, there and then declared, that will try to consult own forces. More than four hundred families have received our positive decisions on re-structuring of their credits.
Quite probably, that partly small while the quantity of references says that we have badly informed people on possible state support…
РГ: Or that help conditions such, that very few people can take advantage of it. The person should sell all at first: the car, a summer residence, and only then can already come to you.
Languages: Yes, the state program is not charity. The state did not promise to help well-founded families which have bought elite habitation, have constructed a country house.
If speech about the individual house is 120 metres of the area on a family from two persons and on 50 “foursquares” – on everyone if in a family three and it is more.
If to speak about the property in initial (published for discussion) a variant of criteria it was really provided, that the family should not have accumulation, a summer residence, to leave car.
Now car presence is supposed. However, if its cost does not exceed 500 thousand roubles. In my opinion, too loyal enough criterion.
РГ: It is good, that the car nevertheless is authorised for keeping – all the same additional possibility to earn additionally. And how about a summer residence? We will admit, still the Soviet six hundred parts with a small house?
Languages: Here a position rigid – any taxable property, including and lots in garden associations, let alone luxury goods of a type of yachts and scooters in an active of the borrower should not remain. It is all it is necessary to realise for repayment of a hypothecary debt.
РГ: the Short question from Irkutsk area. Whether has value, in what bank the credit is taken?
Languages: has no. We work with the borrower without dependence from where it has issued the credit. Moreover, he could borrow money at all at bank.
In many regions of administration created special financial structures for development of own hypothecary programs: funds, the centres of hypothecary crediting. From such borrowers we too accept statements.
Victor Korolev: the Housing credit I took, not making out the mortgage, and under the guarantee of two persons. Whether I can take advantage of the re-structuring program if to renew the credit, having put in pawn habitation?
Languages: Basically such scheme is possible. Most likely, at you the so-called housing credit which has been given out under the guarantee, without habitation pledge. Now by the confirmed criteria such credits under re-structuring do not get.
We suggest bank to renew maintenance: instead of guarantors – the mortgage. And we are ready to issuing the mortgage, that is to transfer habitation as a deposit, is direct enough, not changing the basic agreement with bank. It will simplify registration of a package of documents.
But habitation pledge should be issued – here a state position very rigid. It is directed that the hypothecary market should develop by classical rules, that is the credit should be provided by habitation, instead of the guarantee. Otherwise it not “the present mortgage”.
Olga Prokhorov: whether It is planned to help somehow to those who has bought habitation at a building stage?
Languages: Once again I repeat: the basic condition – mortgage presence. It is a lot of cases when the credit has been received at a building stage. And later, when the house has been handed over, people have issued the mortgage.
In such situation – for God’s sake – we are ready to accept statements. For us the main thing that the credit has been given out till December, 1st, 2008, and by the reference moment the mortgage has been issued.
If your house is not completed yet, and put in pawn habitation you cannot, – alas, here we are powerless.
РГ: Some questions from families which already after credit registration have given birth to the child. Complain, that cannot issue re-structuring. Why?
Languages: No reefs there are present. Process shares on two parts. The first is a decision-making on re-structuring. It under the standard occupies from us 4 days, and we observe it.
The second part at the positive decision – re-structuring registration, under the standard it no more than 5 days. If the complete set of documents full, problems does not arise.
But if in a family there was a child, and it together with parents is allocated by the property right on the put in pawn habitation, the written approval of bodies of guardianship should be included in a package of documents.
And coordination procedure occupies from them week three. As a result registration is late. Now we guide explanatory work with regional administrations to accelerate process – guardianship bodies in their submission.
Irina Kolosov: the Credit was is taken on the security of habitation of parents. Now there is no possibility to pay. Tell, whether the large target credits taken on the security of available habitation will be considered for re-structuring?
Languages: the Habitation should be the only thing. I understand, that such cases as at you when evolved children try to provide themselves separate habitation, using as pledge the parental house, is a lot of.
If your house is already constructed and issued in the property, you can renew pledge under the credit for it. In this case you can be included in the program, at observance of other conditions of re-structuring.
Debts under hypothecary credits for January, 2009 have grown on 2 roubles.
According to the Central Bank, for January, 2009 6110 housing credits in roubles, hypothecary rouble credits – 2867 are given out. The quantity of again yielded credits in currency aspires to zero: by data for February, 1st 167 credits, with mortgage use – 152 are issued only.
At the same time debts under earlier yielded housing credits increase: for January, 1st, 2009 the size of the delayed debts under hypothecary credits in roubles has made 6,73 rbl. in comparison with 819 million rbl. for January, 1st, 2008
That is for a year the delayed debts under rouble credits have grown in 8 times. For January debts have increased for 0,54 млрд – to 7,27 млрд rbl.
The size of the delayed debts under credits in a foreign currency on the beginning of year has made 6,373 rbl. (year before – 405 million rbl.). For February, 1st debts have grown for 1,5 roubles – to 7,89 billion
Total – in comparison with the beginning of 2008 – the delayed debts have grown in 19 times.