Experience in operating non-autoclave aerated concrete line

Experience in operating non-autoclave aerated concrete line
February 6, 2019 Marmelade-GF974

The project is line in workplace Plans placement, line elements Building, workshop Sand supply system, Cement supply system, Post dispensing of components Post mixing and pouring the mixture.

The mixing unit Mold for pouring array General view of the line Cameras preliminary and main warming. We purchased the production line on December 2013. It took us 1 month to install it. Then we carried out adjusting and startup procedures and began to work in the spring 2014. We’ve been working the second season already. We make blocks of different sizes. From 10 cm up to 40 cm thickness according to the customer’s requirements. Blocks are sold regularly. Actually, this is not our main ambition. We have bought this line for our own house building Now we are building housed in Yaroslavl City, 8 cottages.

Also, we work in our hotel facilities near Borisogleb. We’ve got an order to build eight 3-stages cottages there. Soon, we will start to construct them. Basically, we produce aerated concrete blocks for our construction work. But we sell it as well. The quality of blocks meets our requirements. We get different orders, so we have to adjust. The sizes can be thicker, fine. So we have to adjust the production line. It is not complicated, we cope with it in time. The houses, built from these blocks, have been in Borisogleb already. We’ve snapped a photo of them for our own advertisement, for our web-site. Up to date, we are satisfied with everything.

By the way, many things depend on the components. Aluminum powder, sand sometimes didn’t conform to the necessary quality. There are a lot of requirements to the sand concerning it’s granularity, moisture. However, we adjust, work in a proper way. We have purchased the line with capacity of 60 cub.m. We reached this capacity regularly. We have made the quantity of the blocks that let us still use them and sell. That’s why we work one shift now In fact, one shift provides us 30 cub.m. We are satisfied with it If the house builders ask us to make blocks faster, we will open the second shift or extend the working day as well. We have tried and tested ways, so we will cope with the tasks 60 cub.m is a standard. It is selected to this mold correctly. The capacity depends on quantity and size of the molds. We get 60 cub.m by these molds without any problem.

The most complicated questions we solved with manager of Inntechgroup, Sergey ОHe suggested us, sent pictures. Any mismatches we tried to solve fast. As for disadvantage we’d like to mention – the mixer has to be opened and disassembled often, because of the adhesion takes its place But we know, that this kind of batch always admits this problem. The first mixing process is followed by adhesion. And then it expands. Finally, we have to clean it. Anyway, there are technical rules. We take in into consideration.

Basically, we are satisfied by this line. When we met problems – Sergey helped us immediately. The technician Stanislav came to us twice. When he worked in Moscow – we asked him to come. There were some problems with the batch. He found the reason and everything became good. We are delighted with the production line. We supplied blocks to our venture. We sell them regularly. Up to date, everything is good. We are grateful to Sergey, Stanislav. We know, if we ask you for help – you will answer always!