Live Shotgun Shell in flare pistol

Live Shotgun Shell in flare pistol
May 5, 2019 Marmelade-GF974

Live Shotgun Shell in flare pistol – What happens?

Welcome back Taoflederfolks, Jeff and officer Gregg back out here with you on a ridiculously windy day. I’m covered in flour from an earlier shoot. This is not cocaine. I promise you okay today. We’re bringing you the Orion flare gun you’ve seen these before on this channel. You probably see them hanging on the wall in Walmart. They are designed for marine signaling for emergencies. I carry this thing during backpacking trips in case I ever needed to emergency signal anyone to for help So one of the things about the Orion 12-gauge Pistol is that it’s chambered in 12 gauges does that make any sense? I think it encourages people to put the wrong kind of shells in there and possibly do damage to themselves.

Now you’ll notice that the flares that come with the Orion 12-gauge are Tapered (stepped) this little flare here is essentially acting as its own barrel. It does not actually contact the barrel of the pistol. It just fires down this plastic tube, but you can see the base of the tube looks just like a 12-gauge round so. The flare fits in there flush and fires out just perfectly we are going to show you today how a 12-gauge round a standard old military 12-gauge round put into the Orion is Designed not to seat see that right there. You cannot close this and that’s probably a smart thing. Because you can imagine what would happen if you fired this thing off in your hand. We’re actually going to do that too Just not with our hands.

Now one thing I don’t think Orion accounted for was the fact that people make these mini shells this one’s from Warwolf. You’ve seen them here before on town fledermaus channel. This is a mini buck round. This buckshot round will chamber in the Orion It will close and og is not going to pull the trigger on this. We’re going to tie a string to it. Send it downrange and see if we can blow the crap out of this thing see if we can blow it up so. Let’s get to it. We’re going to show you a couple little tricks with the flare gun first before. We destroy the little gun that the host gun. For your own safety do not attempt this yourself so the standard Orion flare into the standard Orion flare gun Okay, ready? Not the table.

All right this was shot at around ten yards away. It’s a really good example of why you should never use one of these against a living person. I actually saw a video on YouTube of somebody shooting their friend with this exact flare gun and that is stupid. Please, don’t do that. Our previous video where we shot the flare into the ballistic gel with a shotgun. People want us to shoot it out of Just the regular flare pistol and get a chronograph reading so we got 424 feet per second out of the pistol.

So, in reality, we got more than a hundred feet per second more velocity out of the shotgun. I guess I’d rather be wrong and Respected for being honest than being know-it-all and not get any respect. The accuracy of the shotgun really wasn’t much better at this range than out of the pistol. These flares are rather light. They’re not very aerodynamically sound and they do tumble around quite a bit Flare in little Tony. And big Tony your stocks are on their way. I didn’t forget. I was trying to get another signature today, but it didn’t happen oh Right through it 212.

Now this shall we move the target much closer, it’s about 10 feet away this time. The accuracy at this range was much better, and as you can see it had no problem going right through that big block of clay and people did want us to shoot the clay with a flare. So there you go.

And finally, a lot of people wanted to know what would happen if you tried to shoot a live shotgun shell out of this 12-gauge flare gun. Now that’s just my opinion that this flare gun should have never been chambered in 12-gauge to begin with. But because we now have these 12-gauge mini shells which have been around for about 20 years. Aguila has been making it for that long. Now you can actually chamber a live shotgun shell into this flare pistol and today. We’re gonna show you just how dangerous this really is the gun will be triggered remotely and both.

Greg and I will be behind ballistic paneling. The number two buckshot coming out of this barrel is almost ineffective. Now the irony here is the person shooting the gun is putting himself under more danger than. Someone that was standing in front of the gun being shot. Now the chamber pressure on a normal shotgun is around 12,000 psi. It didn’t even take that much pressure for this chamber to blow up. Now most of the shrapnel did fly upwards some of it flew downwards. But of course that doesn’t mean if we shot 10 of these guns. It’s gonna behave exactly in that same manner. Just as we found it blew out the top of the barrel which is kind of expected.

This is why you do not want to have your hands on one of these things. We pulled it with a string about three miles long. You can see over here the double there the number two buckshot sprinkled up against this aluminum, but did not leave even a dent they just transferred their paint right onto the under the yellow aircraft. This thing along with some other shards that we can’t find came raining down on us. On our trucks over there to the left rear so it blew the back out of this the whole brass base of the shell.

You can see here that tilt that barrel still works is it so far. To do this safely it’s science folks yeah, there you go I’ll be enjoying it.  I don’t know Walmart, that’s not a firearm. Show yeah, it’s been demilled now. All right patrons, this is coming your way.