Project choice

Project choice
October 24, 2021 Marmelade-GF974

At house building, there is a whole is glad questions which it is difficult to unaware person to answer. First of all, what house and what sizes of manor to it are necessary for that what to solve social problems. Not owning certain knowledge, the customer, a beret liked it the project also embodies it during a life. And suddenly there is a mass of problems and errors, any change under construction it in 2-3 times. The gold rule for the customer will be observance of following principles:

1. To define proceeding from number of a family, an occupation and prospects, possible growth, the sizes of a lot and house parametres.

2. Not to begin work without the decision of organizational-legal questions of individual building and the necessary design-budget documentation.

Remember that at erection of a carcass of the house you already in component parts should know, where there will be a furniture, the sanitary technician who will be in each premise refinishing, illumination and heating. For creativity, it is possible to receive the information, looking through books and magazines for builders, catalogues of projects, illustrations in advertising editions or coming to the neighbour in a lot. So it is possible to find interesting projects close to your inquiries, to meet curious decisions of separate knots and fragments of designs of the house, to come across an optimum planishing of premises or to see successful breakdown of a lot similar to yours. But here there are problems, now on individual building so it is a lot of various information, that in 2-3 days of its studying it will already cease to be acquired. Create an information selection on different themes: the base, walls, floorings, a roof, building materials, plumbing system, etc. Try to reduce a search circle in the information world. First of all, you should answer to yourselves, and what you are going to build? For this purpose it is enough to make the list of requirements and initial data to the developed project of the house. This stage will facilitate a design part of work, will not allow to complicate the project. Many builders suffer an irrepressible gigantomania to practice in masterpiece creation. Do not forget that except house building, exists also the process of operation demanding many means as flowing (heating, supply by water, the electric power) and incidental connected with repair. Process of cleaning of premises is separate, not so pleasant question. The project is necessary for commensurating with the financial possibilities. If you have estimated that can construct the house, having spent for it the certain sum increase its size in 1,2-1,4 times, it will be closer to a reality. Try to put itself some question, having answered on which it is possible to reduce a circle of search of the project and to plan some contours of the future habitation. It is necessary to remember, that reasonable carefulness in performance of a design part of works will allow to avoid many errors both design, and organizational.